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Fast 2K™: Fence Post Backfill 

Our award-winning Fast 2K™ is a convenient alternative to using concrete for setting fence posts, mailboxes, deck, sign, and barn post anchors, and more. Conveniently packaged in a small bag, users simply need to mix the two-component kit, pour the contents into the hole, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Each two-pound bag easily sets a 4” x 4” post (10cm x 10cm) in an 8” (20cm) x 3’ (91cm) deep hole. This means that you can set posts with smaller holes and get more from each bag.



Spend less effort loading and unloading large trucks with Fast 2K™. A single two-pound bag replaces two 50-pound bags of concrete. With the weight and size savings, you can expect a single pallet of Fast 2K™ to replace 20 pallets of concrete. And, each bag can be stored and used outside in both summer and winter temperatures — as high as 38°C (100°F) and as low as -30°C (-20°F).


Don’t let access to water limit your project. Everything needed is contained within the bag, cutting out water required when mixing. It then pours smoothly into the hole and quickly expands.



Fast 2K™ is designed to adhere to wood, vinyl and metal posts, as well as the ground better than traditional concrete. It even binds to itself with ease. 


Additionally, Fast 2K™’s versatile formula is completely waterproof and hydrophobic (as opposed to concrete, which absorbs water). It prevents water from getting into the seams of each post, thereby decreasing expected rot, rust, deterioration, and other water-related damages. 



Stop forming, pouring and curing concrete. Each bag of Fast 2K™ mixes in 30 seconds and sets within 15 minutes, allowing installers to start mounting hardware in record time. And, with ingredients contained in a single two-pound bag, setting up and striking is convenient and quick, allowing you to complete the job without the need for moving crews, equipment, or concrete. 



Fast 2K™ is both safer for both the environment and the user. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment when in use. And, switching to Fast 2K™ can help cut down on injury from moving heavy supplies and handling potentially harmful ingredients. 


Harness the ease, strength, speed and safety of Fast 2K™ for your next project. Contact an H.B. Fuller expert today.


  • Ready to build in 15 minutes
  • No water required
  • Waterproof protection for the posts
Technology Documentation
Fast 2K Deck & Sign Post Anchor
Used for deck post installation highway sign post installation pole barn post installation
Expanding Composite
Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill
Used for fence post installation and mailbox post installation
Expanding Composite
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